• 2022.08.01
    "Xiwang Cup" Ice Hockey League starts in summer ORG cheers for ice "Hope"

    On July 27, The sun was scorching hot outside Shenyang. On the ice rink in the national fitness center of Heping district, the blades swept past at a dizzying speed, The cool air echoed the audience's fierce cries. In 2022, Shenyang "Xiwang Cup" Ice Hockey League was fiercely fought in the ice sports center of Heping District.


    ORG continues to cheer for ice hockey events    Xiwang sports attributes perfectly match


    "Xiwang Cup" Ice Hockey League, is named by "Xiwang Sports nutrition beverage" (hereinafter referred to as "Xiwang"). Xiwang is a functional sports nutrition beverage, which is developed and produced by ORG Technology Co., Ltd after the signing of strategic cooperation agreement between ORG technology and sports leading China Sports Industry.

    As a domestic metal packaging listed enterprise, ORG has an indissoluble bond with ice hockey for many years. It is not only the full sponsor of Shenyang "Xiwang Cup" Ice Hockey League, but also the promoter and operator of NHL China, the world's top professional ice hockey event. ORG began to plan and implement the ice hockey program in 2015. ORG has been committed to promote the development of ice hockey and youth ice hockey training in China.

    2022 Shenyang "Xiwang Cup" Ice Hockey League has 44 teams and nearly 500 participants. It is the first large-scale regional Ice Hockey League held in Liaoning Province. The event will help accelerate the development of Shenyang ice sports.


    As the first sports beverage launched after the cross-border cooperation between ORG and China sports industry. The main function of Xiwang is sports nutrition, which can refresh and resist fatigue quickly, enhance physical function, and help to improve sports endurance in sports scenes, quickly replenish the electrolyte and water lost by sports sweat. It can be said that it is a perfect match with the needs of the crowd of competitive sports.

    Xiwang is “Hope”      Professional sports nutrition beverage + Professional metal packaging


    With the successful holding of the 2022 Winter Olympics, China has embarked on the road of becoming a strong country in sports. Sports has gradually become a lifestyle for the public to pursue health. What follows is also the upgrading of consumer demand for sports products. The public's demand for sports consumer goods has been upgraded from the daily "applicable" to the "professional" requirement. At this time, Xiwang, a more professional sports nutrition beverage, was strongly launched, adding caffeine, vitamins and taurine. It makes people feel energetic. Adequate caffeine intake by exercisers also helps to promote fat burning and provide energy. Xiwang supplies energy and nutrition to exercisers at a strike.


    As the leader of metal packaging, ORG is playing a leading role in technology, adopting metal aluminum slim bottles and cans with high properties in the industry. The cans are thin and comfortable to grip. The bottle mouth is widened by 38, which takes into account the comfortable drinking experience of exercisers who need to replenish energy. The bottle cap can be tightened repeatedly after being opened, which is safe and sanitary, and keep the taste unchanged during the whole drinking process. Because the metal bottles and cans have good light shielding and sealing performance, the nutrition contained in Xiwang will also be guaranteed, which greatly avoids the risk of deterioration of nutrition due to light. Besides, metal materials have more advantages in heat conduction and refrigeration than plastic bottles, and they are perfect for drinking in hot summer or cold winter.

    The universal fitness is booming, no matter whether you are an ordinary fitness crowd or a professional athlete. Under the premise of the market of functional drinks, only with more professional products and more perfect customer experience can the sports drinks track stand out in the market. Xiwang attracts professional exercisers with professional product functions, and upgrade customer products and user's experience with more powerful packaging. Take a mouthful of "Xiwang"! Give you a "Hope"! Professional sports beverage! Just choose Xiwang! Come on! Xiwang belongs to you only!