• 2022.08.08
    Glory to Auxerre Roses to ORG




    In an interview with Blue France at the end of 2020, Francis, chairman of AJ Auxerre, talked about the impact of the epidemic situation, "Mr. Zhou will get through the difficulties with us. Auxerre will not be defeated by this major disaster. ”

    Here, Mr. Zhou refers to Zhou Yunjie, the chairman of ORG, the largest metal packaging enterprise in China and the current chairman of Auxerre.  

    In October 2016, ORG entered Auxerre and became the largest shareholder of the club. Auxerre became a Chinese controlled club in the "most difficult time".

    It has been nearly 5 years since Auxerre was demoted for the first time in the team's history in the 2011-2012 season.

    The second five years later, on May 30, 2022, the glory returned to Auxerre.  

    In the early morning of that day, the final game of Ligue 2 upgrade play offs came to an end. Auxerre successfully promoted to Ligue 1. Thousands of miles away, ORG's sports layout also reaped the most beautiful "Rose of time".

    Freeze the glory here!


    After the fierce battle, Auxerre finally fought its way in front of the strong enemy and won the most fierce battle for promotion in the history of Ligue 2.

    At 1:00 am, May 30, Beijing time, In the second round of the final game of Ligue 2 upgrade play offs, St Etienne, as the main force, took on Auxerre.


    Figure:AJ Auxerre chairman Zhou Yunjie and the players are taking photos as a memento.

    In the first half, neither team scored. In the second half, Sassi broke through St Etienne's goal. Auxerre took the lead. Next, Enzo Crivelli assisted Kamara and tied the game!

    After 90 minutes of fighting, the two teams drew 1-1, The final total score was 2-2, entering the extra time. Neither side scored in extra time and entered Penalty Shoot-out. In the penalty shoot out, Auxerre defeated St Etienne with 5-4, with a total score of 7-6, and successfully promoted to Ligue 1.

    ”Auxerre is back!” It's no wonder that fans feel how fast the years had passed, It has been 10 years.

    More than a month before this glorious battle, through radio Auxerre, Zhou Yunjie recalled that declaration made when ORG joined Auxerre club in 2016. Firstly, return to Ligue 1; Secondly, let a Chinese player play in the first team; Finally, help the club achieve financial self-sufficiency and try to make profits”

    According to Zhou Yunjie's plan, in two or three years, up to five years, Auxerre will be able to achieve the above three goals.

    With Auxerre returning to the top Premier, the dream may come true faster than expected.

    Time Rose


    The entry of ORG marks a new page for the century old shop. Before that, Auxerre's records has been unsettled, and he was unable to reach the top three, which was the threshold for participating in the promotion playoff.

    When the time goes back to October 2016, from the moment when ORG announced that it was the owner of Auxerre and became the largest shareholder of the club, it has laid the foreshadowing for the "self revolution" of the club.

    In the summer of 2017, the club set up corresponding reform pilots in various departments; Ndicka, Marcelin, Bruno have brought the club more than € 20 million. By dealing with redundant staff, the team's salary was optimized, which paved the way for the arrival of strong players. In May 2019, Marc Fran, the coach who just led Stade Brestois 29 to complete the promotion, became the coach of the first team, opening the prelude of Auxerre's comprehensive rebound at the competitive level; Then Leon, Autret, Ain, De Barr, Lloris and other powerful fighters joined the club ...

    Around the main line of "Chinese football", relying on Auxerre, ORG's service to the development of Chinese football has never stopped.


    Figure: On May 25, 2019, the Chinese women's football team arrived at Auxerre club, to start the two-week training before the 2019 women's World Cup

    In 2019, Chinese player Ji Xiaoxuan joined Auxerre; In the same year, Auxerre China Jinshan youth training base officially started training; At the same time, the women's football team participated in the world cup and was also preparing for the match at the Auxerre training base; In 2021, Auxerre joined hands with Shanghai Jinshan Huazheng football club, which officially became a satellite Club authorized by French AJ Auxerre.


    Figure: Chinese women's football players trained at Abbe-Deschamps of Auxerre Club

    In France, Auxerre has always been famous for youth training. Team U19 is in second place at Nationals. U16 and U15 are national champions.

    On many occasions, Zhou Yunjie also said that the takeover of Auxerre was focused on its youth training advantages.

    The introduction of youth training coaches into China not only provides opportunities for Chinese youth training coaches to learn and communicate closely, but also allows Chinese young players to contact advanced youth training concepts from an early age.

    Jinshan Auxerre elite team has entered the top four of various invitational competitions for many times, and won the second place in the 2021 Shanghai Youth elite series, setting the best record of Jinshan men's football in this competition.

    Auxerre negotiated with the Burgundy regional Football Association of France to invite a team composed of 14 Chinese players to participate in the U18 regional league.

    Important matter


     “I never change my mind, I don't think I'm the best choice as boss Auxerre. Not because I am Chinese, and It's not because I don't often stay in Auxerre, but because I have many jobs that require me to travel frequently”, Zhou Yunjie told Auxerre's fans without hesitation that he is also the chairman of ORG, a listed company in China. ORG is the largest metal packaging enterprise in China.


    Figure:AJ Auxerre chairman Zhou Yunjie celebrates in the venue

    Metal packaging seems to have nothing to do with sports, but it contains cooperation opportunities.

    Zhou Yunjie's investment in football and ice hockey is not only related to his background and complex as a "hockey player". In fact, football and ice hockey are also part of the main business of ORG's "integrated packaging solutions".

    In the business planning of "packaging +", relying on the concept of "big health and big consumption", ORG guided new packaging technologies and materials on the basis of new packaging products. Through independent research and development and cooperation with well-known enterprises, we launched a series of independent brand products to the market, and grafted sports marketing, publicity planning and integrated marketing plans for strategic partners.

    The Xiwang sports nutrition beverage launched by ORG in cooperation with China sports industry is a typical work in this field.

    As said when ORG joined Auxerre, "Let the professionals handle professional issues"

    After years of scientific operation by ORG group and club managers, They have made unremitting efforts. Auxerre has finally entered the fast track of rejuvenation. Now, the first team and echelons at all levels of Auxerre have a considerable fighting capacity in their respective leagues, and the club's finance has continued to develop healthily

    With the return of Auxerre to the top league, its IP effect will take another step. The new service ecology of ORG sports marketing may add another link, which is the best return for professionals.

    Choosing to invest at the bottom of Auxerre, revitalizing Auxerre by free management team and relying on the main business of sports empowerment, ORG is becoming the most scarce "professional force" in the market.v