• 2022.01.06
    Beijing 1979 Ice Hockey Team is selected to the 2021 Annual Photo of Xinhua News Agency


    On January 6th, Xinhua News Agency released the annual photo of Xinhua News Agency for 2021 - Sports News, the selected photos cover the important annual sports activities and the wonderful moments of various sports events and sportspersons. Each of the wonderful photos lets us relive the exciting moments of international competitions such as the Tokyo Olympic Games, the "Meet in Beijing" Winter Olympic Test Tournament, and the 2021 World Table Tennis Championship in Houston. At the same time, there is sports news around us, such as Skiing Bud Baby, Garage Gym, Grassland Tug of War, etc. Beijing 1979 ice hockey team is also honored to be selected for this Photo of the Year, so that these old boys who once dominated the ice rink and the ice hockey sport they have always loved and persisted in can be understood by more people.

    The following content is transferred from Xinhua News Agency:


    The principal members of the Beijing 1979 ice hockey team are the students of the ice hockey class of Beijing Shichahai Amateur Sports School in the 1970s. Shichahai ice hockey Class once provided reserve talents for the Beijing team and national team, and was dissolved in 1979. With the success of Beijing's bid for the Winter Olympics, the flame of ice hockey is rekindled in the hearts of the old boys who used to reign on the ice rink. In 2015, the nine members of the Shichahai ice hockey class regrouped in the Wukesong ice rink. After more than 30 years, they fought side by side again. They decided to form a new team and named the team 1979, continuing the ice hockey dream of that year. Today, the Beijing 1979 ice hockey team has gathered most of the veteran players from those years, plus the absorption of some reserve forces. The team has grown from the original nine players to a large team of more than 40 players. The average age of the members is nearly 60 years old. Training matches are held at the Beijing Olympic Ice Sports Center every Wednesday and Saturday. Sprinting and shouting, the scene of the Shichahai ice field decades ago reappeared in the stadium. The fire of ice hockey in 1979, in the hearts of these old boys, burned more vigorously than in those days. On January 30, 2021, goalkeeper Zhou Yunjie of Team 1979 replenished water before the game. Photographed by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Zhuang.