• 2022.03.16
    Fall in love with ice and snow, we are all in the Winter Olympics| ORG: Protect “Sports seeds” of Chinese Ice Hockey

    The Yantai University team defeated the Harbin College team 2-0 to win the Sunshine Group (Group B) championship; the Beijing Sports University team defeated the Harbin Institute of Technology 7-5 to win the high-level group (Group C) championship!

    On March 14, the 3rd National University Ice Hockey League (finals) of the “Battle Steed Cup” came to an end at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium.

    After the Winter Olympics, the fiery mood of ice hockey rekindled Hangzhou.

    It means “North ice and south development (The economic strength of the economically developed regions in the south will develop the ice and snow sports in the north)”work develops well.

    Aozhong Sports, the operator of the National Collegiate Ice Hockey League, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ice and snow sports industry established by the Chinese packaging leader ORG in 2017. The ORG Ice Hockey Club it operates has cultivated six national players for the just-concluded Beijing Winter Olympics.

    “We must do it, no matter how difficult it is, we must persevere. Only by persevering can our children see hope!”

    Zhou Yunjie, Chairman of ORG, sent a message to the staff of Aozhong Sports after the 3rd National College Hockey League

    From a little spark may burst a mighty flame may

    Chinese ice hockey is destined to have extraordinary stories, and many people are guarding its growth.

    A seed


    Aozhong Ice Sports Center is the training base of ORG Ice Hockey Club.

    The Beijing Winter Olympics makes the staff of Aozhong Sports excited.

    Guo Jianing, Ying Rudi, Oban Wynn, Zhang Zesen, Zhang Pengfei, Xiang Xudong, six members of the Winter Olympics national team who have gone on expedition have played here.

    In the past year, it was the team of Aozhong Sports who made every effort to organize the 3rd National College Ice Hockey League.

    They were the heroes behind the entire event.


    (Image: Group photo of players of the 3rd National College Hockey League)

    Who can predict whether the next national ice hockey player will appear in this college ice hockey league?

    Aozhong Sports moved the final venue of the National Collegiate Ice Hockey League to the south. Perhaps there is a dream of the event organizers who hope to promote the sport more and find more good seedlings.

    They embody half of the history of Chinese ice hockey development.

    In 2015, ORG signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the NHL (National Hockey League) Boston Bruins, becoming its only partner in China.

    On September 23, 2017, the NHL China Games was held in Beijing.

    This is the first time that the world’s highest-level professional ice hockey game has come to China.

    When the Five-Starred Red Flag (the national flag of the People’s Republic of China) was projected onto the ice hockey rink, 12,759 cheered for the audience, all of whom came for the emerging sport of ice hockey.

    ORG packaging, as the protagonist of introducing the event into China, was signed into the NHL China competition emblem.

    This has become a landmark event for China and the NHL.

    ORG established the first NHL-standard ice sports training base in Beijing, Aozhong Ice Sports Center, and established Aozhong Sports this year, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ice and snow sports industry in the same year.

    The next year, ORG and Kunlun Red Star Ice Hockey Club jointly established the Kunlun Red Star ORG Ice Hockey Team.

    Oban Wynn came to China from Canada and played for the Kunlun Red Star ORG team. He officially started his professional ice hockey career with the Aozhong Ice Sports Center as the home ground.

    Ying Rudi, who trained with the Boston Bruins junior team of the NHL, became teammate of Oban Wynn.

    Then, the familiar names, Guo Jianing, Zhang Zesen, Zhang Pengfei, Xiang Xudong, etc., began to fight with the team.

    One dream


    On September 23, 2017, the NHL China Tournament was launched.

    As the helmsman of the successful event, Zhou Yunjie, chairman of ORG, who was watching the game, may have thought of the time when he started ice hockey in the ice hockey class of Shichahai Amateur Sports School 40 years ago, and finally left the ice rink.

    In 1979, the ice hockey class was disbanded.

    40 years later, Zhou Yunjie and his teammates rebuilt a hockey team under the name of "1979".

    This group of elders, with an average age of 60, trains at the Aozhong Ice Sports Center every Wednesday and Saturday, and often participates in competitions in other provinces and cities.

    At the end of 2021, on the eve of the Winter Olympics, 1979, as team name, was printed on the “Xiwang” sports nutrition drink cans jointly released by ORG and China Sports Industry.

    China Sports Industry is a subsidiary of the General Administration of Sports and a licensed retailer of the Winter Olympics.

    With the fashionable decoration design of “Xiwang” sports nutrition drink, the name of "1979 Ice Hockey Team" has entered thousands of households.

    “Xiwang”, a menacing rhino, is the “mascot” of the ORG ice hockey team, and also symbolizes the “unconvinced” momentum of the three generations of Chinese ice hockey players.

    It will have a different projection on history.

    In 2018, the ORG ice hockey team played in the Silk Road Super Hockey League, which became a key event for the training of many young players of the Winter Olympics national team.

    When Ying Rudi was interviewed by the media after the game, he said that he wanted to “grow up as fast as a bow and arrow in the Silk Road Super Hockey League and shine in the Beijing Winter Olympics.”

    The juvenile dream in 1979 and 2018 are like a cycle that cannot be broken free.

    At the entrance of the Aozhong Ice Sports Center, there is a group photo of the members of the “1979 Ice Hockey Team” 40 years ago.

    Those Winter Olympic athletes who went out for their country, often passing by, do not know what kind of feelings they will have.


    (Image: The Sunshine Group Champion of the 3rd College Ice Hockey League Finals Yantai University Team)

    “If ice hockey doesn't make it to college, it may make a lot of kids who love ice hockey give up in high school.”

    This is original intention of Zhou Yunjie to lead the continuous operation of the college ice hockey league.

    Don't forget the original intention, after another 40 years, everyone will still be a teenager.

    Backstage hero


    On February 12, at the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Chinese team played against the German team. Zhang Zesen, No. 56, was actively fighting for the ball, effectively destroying the German’s offense.

    This moment was edited into a short video, which was widely circulated on the Internet.

    Four years ago, ORG’s last home series of the 2018/2019 season, Zhang Zesen’s goal helped ORG defeat the Russian Chemists in the Silk Road Cup.

    Hu Tianyu, the defender of the ORG team who assisted Zhang Zesen, also became famous in the first battle: interpreting the “supporting role” life of ice hockey with strength!

    Four years later, Zhang Zesen sweated at the Winter Olympics, but Hu Tianyu failed to represent the country for various reasons.

    At the age when technology needs to be innovated the most, Hu Tianyu was selected by the coach to play with the Tohoku Free Blade Team in Japan. His dream has always been to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

    This kind of stories are numerous.

    Taking the ORG team as an example, the list of athletes who participated in the Winter Olympics training camp once reached more than 30, and in the end, only 6 appeared on the field.

    Like Oban Wynn, who blocked 16 shots in his KHL debut in 2021

    There are very few people who can experience the glory of this top professional league.

    This tragic competition reveals a sense of fate that “one will succeed and ten thousand bones will die”

    Sports, as it has always been, are very few that really make it to the top of the pyramid.

    This is also the biggest problem facing the development of the sports industry. More and more parents are reluctant to send their children to the sports track.

    The grand task of “the development of ice hockey in the whole of China” has been thrown not only to these young athletes and coaches, but also to industry operators such as Zhou Yunjie.

    As a listed company, ORG may have a deeper experience.

    There are 95 Winter Olympics concept stocks, mainly involving infrastructure, venue construction, green transportation, event communication, sponsorship suppliers, etc.

    Yuanlong Yatu, known as “the first stock of Bing Dun Dun”, has continuously increased its daily limit, which has aroused the attention of the capital market.

    But for ORG, less attention.

    Only a few shareholders asked ORG on the interactive platform of listed companies, what is the company’s business in the ice and snow industry?

    Perhaps, as the support of events, players and even the industry, the hot spot effect that can be enjoyed is far less than that of Bing Dun Dun, Xu Rong Rong’s plush toys, modeling figures, decorative buttons, crystal balls, blind boxes, and badges. supplier.

    However, some investors said that ORG “was not very famous before, and the company will become famous for ice hockey after the Winter Olympics.”

    Hope so!

    Soil mut be guaranteed


    In 2013, Zhou Yunjie, who was already all-powerful in the business world, also accidentally watched an NHL game in Boston.

    It was also a game that gave Zhou Yunjie the idea of introducing the NHL to China.

    Only then did ORG have various layouts in the ice hockey industry.

    Zhou Yunjie was watching the game of the Bruins. At that time, Ying Rudi, who was 15 years old, was still participating in the training of the youth team of the Bruins.

    In 2016, Zhou Yunjie took the Boston Bruins and held his first trip to China at the Longhu Changyingtian Street Shopping Center in Changying, Beijing.

    ORG’s client Wangwang is the title sponsor of the event.

    18-year-old Ying Rudi this year participated in the NHL draft without hesitation, and insisted on the career path of professional ice hockey.

    Ye Jinguang, the captain of the ice hockey team in this year’s Winter Olympics, played in the NHL for five seasons, completed 174 games and scored 56 points, becoming the best Chinese men’s basketball player in the world’s professional ice hockey history.

    ORG’s work is more like building dreams for more people’s hockey careers:

    Cooperated with the Russian Continental Hockey League (KHL) to participate in the VHL League, carried out the cooperation business of the Russian Ice Hockey Association Olympic Training Base in China, and cooperated with the North American Hockey League (NHL), the Boston Bruins and the Los Angeles Kings to carry out ice hockey youth training.


    (Image: Teams participating in the regular season of the 3rd National Collegiate Hockey League)

    This series of work is not only to train and export more players to the national ice hockey team, but also to open up the professional ecology of domestic ice hockey events.

    Six years later, history has proven that time never fails anyone.

    “I believe there will be at least 2,000 kids playing ice hockey because of this goal.”

    For the Chinese ice hockey industry, a group of Chinese people must work towards the same goal.

    This goal is unprecedentedly consistent: ice hockey takes root in China. Ice hockey is not just a game, but a way of life for millions of people.

    “We can live up to ourselves, but we can’t let the children down.” In Zhou Yunjie’s eyes, cultivating good children is the most important seed project for China’s ice hockey career.

    In December 2021, Xing Jun, executive deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Ice Hockey Association, said in an interview with the media that “conservatively, there are more than 8,000 people who have participated in ice hockey in Beijing for a long time.”

    Zhou Yunjie hopes to “make more and more people fall in love with ice hockey!”

    With “300 million people on ice and snow”, ice hockey has indeed begun to have more and more fans in China.

    This winter college ice hockey league is not only a show field for college players, but also destined to be a new start for the Chinese ice hockey dream.

    Source: China daily