• 2022.10.12
    Glittering around the world. Top of the heap ORG won the gold medal at the Global Canmaker Summit

    In Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, the 2022 Global Canmaker Summit, hosted by The Canmaker magazine, concluded with perfect ending on October 6. The summit lasted for two days. On the evening of the 5th, “the beer can with crackle textured print”, designed and developed by ORG Technology Co., Ltd, stood out from the global entries and won “the Gold Beverage Three-Piece” at the "2022 Cans of the Year Awards".


    ORG has won many awards at the global summit and won glory for the country through scientific and technological innovation


    the Global Canmaker Summit is the most influential international event in the metal packaging industry. Over the years, the enterprises participating in the conference are leading cannemakers from all over the world. The summit was attended by more than 200 well-known enterprises in the global packaging industry, including Crown Beverage Cans, Ball Corporation(USA), Toyo Seikan Group. The selection of “Cans of the Year Awards” is also regarded as the most authoritative industry appraisal. The competition is extremely fierce. As a leading enterprise in metal packaging in China, ORG is the supreme honor to stand on the podium of the global summit.


    However, this is not the first time that ORG has succeeded in at the Global Canmaker Summit. With the efforts of tirelessness and innovation in the metal packaging industry over the years, ORG has won the product awards of the Global Canmakers Summit for many times, and has repeatedly set a benchmark in the metal packaging industry.


    Special Beer can with high-tech, the canmaker deserves the gold prize


    The beer cans awarded are mainly used to hold beer. Its design inspiration comes from the shell cylinder. In terms of modeling, it is very unique, breaking through the original Three-Piece can model, making it more slimmer and easier to grasp. The large capacity is more suitable for Chinese household consumption scenarios. The innovation in modeling of beer can products opens up new market demand.

    In terms of technology, in order to avoid the turbidity and metallic taste of beer, and thus reduce the quality of beer, the beer can adopts a unique process to control the release of iron ions; The internal and external coating of empty cans was optimized to meet the requirements of water leaching sterilization process, which is more conducive to the preservation of beer. Due to the pressure problem of beer cans, while ensuring the beautiful design, it is necessary to use a unique top and bottom structure to improve the strength of empty cans, optimize the bottom cover structure, solve the problem of a large number of convex corners at the bottom of empty cans, and optimize the rust prevention performance of empty cans to improve the cold storage drinking experience. In terms of process structure, the beer cans can be said to be full of technology.

    Certainly, what is worth mentioning is that the beer can is more creative in the design of outer surface packaging. Crystal dazzle ink is used for printing, which makes the can surface appear irregular crack and concave convex tactile grain dazzle texture with unique visual and tactile effects. When illuminated by light, the pattern is full of three-dimensional sense. The design concept of "Less is more" makes the product elements from complex to simple, which can show the product quality while conveying the product concept.


    With the continuous innovation of science and technology, ORG stands at the forefront of world packaging with differentiated packaging


    ORG has been deeply engaged in the field of innovative and differentiated packaging for many years. The Three-Piece differentiated products, such as China can, Digital Bronzing can, oilcan, can with pillbox shaped, new milk container, and The Two-Piece differentiated products, for example, Tea can made by coated iron, Bowl and jar made by coated iron, all of these products have won domestic and international awards. They are the best choice for FMCG brands to create new product images.

    ORG devotes itself to research and development of differentiated products. It has two goals. One is to follow the aesthetic trend of seeking innovation and change, highlight the differences between customers' products and their competitors with new and unique packaging, and stand out among similar products; Second, in the research and development process of differentiated products, we broke through the inherent way of thinking, carried forward new technologies and processes, and created more beautiful, safer and more convenient packaging products.


    the Global Canmaker Summit is not only an annual event for enterprises engaged in canning, but also a wind vane for the global canning industry. ORG has won many awards at the Global Canmaker Summit for many years, it proves that ORG's differentiated product strategy has broad market prospects and will become a major trend in the development of metal packaging for a long time in the future. ORG always walks in the forefront of metal packaging technology, and walks out of the road of metal packaging innovation with Chinese spirit by insisting on innovation.

    No innovation, no future! ORG has achieved from technology introduction to independent innovation, and then to leading innovation with its own strength. and finally stand on the podium of the world. The 2022 Canmaker Gold Award is not the beginning, nor will it be the ultimate goal for ORG. ORG will take this as the driving force, always remember the responsibility of the leading enterprises in the industry, constantly pursue larger and more ambitious industrial goals, and light up the road of striving with the light of honor.