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    ORG Packaging Testing and Analysis Laboratory
    The ORG Packaging Testing and Analysis Laboratory belongs to the R&D center. At present, an analysis and inspection team is established with the Ph.D. as the leader and the master as the main force. More than 95% of the team members are undergraduates with an average age of less than 30 years, which means they are all in the peak of their abilities and experience. The investment scale and testing capabilities of the laboratory are second to none in the industry, which has imported more than 120 high-precision testing instruments from the United States, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, and other countries, assuring our testing and R&D capabilities in terms of personnel capabilities and instrument levels.
    Team Education Level
    95% of the staff are undergraduate
    Average Age
    The average age of team members is less than 30 years old
    Testing Capabilities
    More than 120 high-precision detection instruments
    The Laboratory Center Room of China Canned Food Industry Association
    As the laboratory of corporate R&D center, we mainly provide packaging inspection services for ORG's 28 branch companies and the clients. We are dedicated to provide inspection services if there are new materials, new products and if on-site quality issues cannot be determined. At the same time, we also undertake certain social responsibilities. Since 2006, we have become testing room of the China Can Food Industry Association, accepting the task of analyzing the quality of filled cans. When there are disputes about the quality of metal packaging and metal-packed foods, the sample will be sent to our laboratory through the association for quality-arbitration analysis.
    CNAS Approved Laboratory In The Industry
    O.R.G. Packaging Inspection and Analysis Laboratory has very strict requirements for its own test report quality. Therefore, we keep on standardizing our testing process and strive to keep the same standard with international management. With three years’ preparation, in February 2012, we have been approved by the CNAS national experiment laboratory. The test reports issued by us have been widely recognized by more than 70 countries and regions around the world. O.R.G. laboratories is also one approved by CNAS in the industry.