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    The Introduction of Xiangrui Brand Consultancy
    Xiangrui Brand Consultancy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ORG, providing customers with completed industrial chain of brand services and one-stop solutions for customers' brand issues. It is committed that all the team members are from international or domestic first-class brand consulting and design companies. People in director-level roles have rich operational experience in complex large projects. Brand strategy, LOGO, VI design, differentiated packaging design, exhibition display, material design, website APP design, video shooting, public relations activities & digital media operations, systematization and internationalization of logical thinking, all are to ensure the accomplishments are as excellent as planned, i.e. what you see is what you get.
    Our Value Is In The Systematic Brand Solutions
    Define Brands
    Brand Research
    Brand Diagnosis
    Benchmarking and Competitive Research
    Brand Strategy / Corporate Culture
    Brand Positioning
    Brand Slogan
    Core Values
    Brand Architecture
    Company Culture
    Marketing Strategy
    Brand Performance
    Basic Performance
    Brand Naming
    Brand Logo
    Brand VI System
    Mascot Design
    Brand Landing Performance
    Packaging Image Design
    Space Design
    Brand Communication
    Digital Management / Distribution
    Event Planning
    Website Platform and Dissemination
    Mobile Product Construction
    Digital Media Operations
    Promotional Videos, Video Shooting
    Integrated Communication
    Brand Integrated Marketing Communication
    Advertising Planning and Creativity
    Promotional Brand Advertising Materials
    Brand is not everything, but without brand and differentiated innovation, we can do nothing
    Brand is the external image, the public reputation, and the key to attracting the audience. It is a trust relationship building upon common recognition and value identification, and it brings with expectations of commercial values.
    One-Stop Brand Services, First-Class Cases
    • MUMGO Logo Design
      Including the fashion leather goods, clothing brands, design, selection, sales. For the design extension of leather goods and storefronts, it has offered a brand logo design .
    • The monkey Logo Design
      It is the emerging brands in the food and beverage industry, and the main products are juice, canned foods, dried fruit. It has offered the design for the logo, mascot and serial packaging design.
    • Guanwai Zhentian LOGO Design
      Offering the naming, logo design, packaging design, material design, printing, keying, filling. The vigorous and thick font highlights the fertile soil of the Northeast.
    • Iceman Juice CP Series Design
      Small cup of 288ml, with the theme of a festive wedding, the market of wedding catering. A heart shape is formed with the red and yellow cans putting together, highlighting the theme.
    • Suhe Fruit Can Packaging Design
      Applying the can design of the coated iron and two-piece can, we offered the design of the differentiated packaging of the juice series and the canned series. At this time, the type of coated iron bowl added sour milk can star beverage packaging design su
    • Packaging Design of Super Horse Sour Milk Star Beverage
      The can body with blue color accords with the brand color of Zhongyun Group, with the vigorous font design, and the lightning and medium-gloss logo shading, which highlights the sense of energy and group brand
    • Wuchang Rice Packaging Design
      Gold and silver waist drum cans are the first choice for rice customers. The illustration design of tribute rice as the main body, matching with the printing of two colors of alloy silver, it instantly improves the packaging quality.
    • Tongyi Ruyin Series Packaging Design
      Offered the packaging design for Tongyi Ruyin Series including pears, pomelo, honey lemon, etc., it concentrates on design style to details, to ensure excellent outcome.
    • Suhe Yellow Peach Packaging Design
      Suhe juice drink gourd cans, we offered the differentiated package design of juice series and canned series for Suhe. Differentiated can type customization and packaging layout are applied.
    • O.R.G Official Website Design
    • Super Horse Material Design
      Offered the brand design, packaging design, dissemination material design, and can filling services for the Zhongyun Group.
    • Single Page and Other Material Design Services
      Aiming at the requirements of the customers, it offered the material design services and the designs of the single page, poster, stack, H5.
    • Material Design Such As Guihetang Gift Box
      Offered the design of packaging, gift boxes and promotional materials for Guihetang, from brand to product to publicity materials, unified the image, and create the brand synergy.
    • Packaging Gift Box Design
      The dried fruit New Year festive gift box is designed from the aspects of craftsmanship, design, pattern, opening method, illustration, etc., and is customized for the different types of cans.
    • Packaging Gift Box Design
      Offered sets of design of gift box, from the process, design, pattern, opening method, illustration, etc., to offer the innovative design of the exclusive customization of the different types of cans.
    • Differentiation Series Can Magazine Advertising Design
      Designed for main vision and packaging design and continuous material design for differentiated series of cans (H5, single page, magazine page, roll up, poster, etc.)