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    Invested by O.R.G. Group, Shanghai OGS New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established to develop various new materials and offer green, healthy and high quality packaging materials solutions for the society. The polymer laminated steel of OGS brand is a combination of polymer film and metal material. It has the strength, airtightness and expressiveness of metal materials, at the same time, it has the excellent processing properties and anti-rust properties of polymer films. The features of environmentally friendly and healthy of coated iron highlight the philosophy that OGS continues to create green, healthy and high quality life for consumers.
    Make changes with science and technology
    Laminated Steel, which is green and environmental-friendly with high degree of formability and excellent barrier property, thoroughly changes the existing standards of metal packaging. It is a subversive packaging material in the metal packaging industry, canned food industry and beverage industry, meeting the society’s requirements of industrial upgrading as well as a green, healthy and high quality life.
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    OGS is willing to dedicate to China’s consumption upgrading and the construction of global supply chain together with the metal packaging industry, the canned food industry and the beverage industry with customers’ demands as the focus. If you have demand for quality, environmental protection, shelf life, differentiation, etc., we are glad to invite you to join us, and OGS will always be your sincere business partner. Let the make the environment be less polluted and make food safer. OGS, applies the technology to change the world and start your intelligent green life.